AI Girls: Are They the Future of Human Relationships?

AI girls, have you ever heard of them? In the last year, a clear trend emerged in the realm of the internet

Privee AI Team

Privee AI Team

Nov 12, 2023

AI Girls: Are They the Future of Human Relationships?

AI girls, have you ever heard of them? In the last year, a clear trend emerged in the realm of the internet, As demonstrated by the number of Google searches

If you are a movie addict, you may be familiar with “Blade Runner 2049”, a film that depicts a world in which an AI girlfriend is capable of “syncing” with other women to engage in intimate interactions, and “Her,” a film that follows a man who engages in a romantic relationship with a female-voiced AI virtual assistant. It is clear that the idea of AI romantic relationships has piqued public interest before.

But what once was a fictional idea of remarkable, futuristic technology is becoming a reality as AI technology is becoming more advanced. Just to report one of the sensational news, the latest news entails internet celebrity influencer Caryn Marjorie’s release of CarynAI — a chatbot that is meant to target her male fans and provide an AI girlfriend.

In an NBC article about CarynAI, it was said that users pay one dollar per minute on the site and generated $71,610 in revenue within the first week of its testing! A clearly profitable conduit.

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Why AI Girls Are Becoming So Popular?

AI Girls are clearly an emerging phenomenon, but why are they becoming so popular?

The rise of AI Girls could suggest that individuals view establishing real-life relationships as involving substantial costs and a societal commitment. When entering into romantic partnerships with human counterparts, there's typically a requirement to purchase presents, share meals, and invest emotional effort, not to mention the necessity for interpersonal skills to attract and engage another individual.

The affordability, minimal risk, and convenience of AI relationships appear to alleviate these concerns, albeit not without online discussions and debates concerning their societal implications. AI Girlfriends and AI Companions offer people a unique way to express themselves: they don’t judge you, they have no expectations, and they basically adapt to all the wills and desires of their “human”. It can be a true relief on some occasions: who doesn’t need a little escape from reality after all? The principle is similar to video-gaming: players can immerse themselves in a fictional reality, where they can follow different rules and play in a different role, momentarily forgetting about their real life and problems.

As the revenue streams continue to grow, there is an increasing focus on enhancing and promoting services regarding AI Girlfriends.

A prevalent argument asserts that AI relationship platforms (such as Replika, to cite one of the most famous) might be responsible for interpersonal isolation if they become a more widely accepted option for those seeking emotional connections. Despite the enduring alterations in lifestyles attributable to AI, younger generations and their societal norms are affected, leading to a future fraught with uncertainty.

The functionality of AI relationship sites introduces many possibilities for future developments in our social and romantic realities. However, it is vital that society recognizes AI intangibly alters its norms and shapes individuals’ expectations of others in real life. It will be crucial for individuals to not lose track of the reality and never forget that AI Girlfriends or Companions are here just for entertainment and will probably never be able to replace real-life human relationships.

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