Build you perfect characters with ease thanks to W++ syntax

What in the world is W++ and why should you even bother with it? W++ is super handy because it helps define characters and their traits, making them easier for the model to understand.

Privee AI Team

Privee AI Team

Mar 12, 2024

Build you perfect characters with ease thanks to W++ syntax

Build you perfect characters with ease, thanks to W++ syntax

Hey there, fellow creators! So, you've heard about W++ and you're curious, huh? Well, buckle up because we're about to dive into a world of character creation magic! W++ is the syntax to make characters creation simple and straightful.

What's the Buzz About W++?

Alright, let's start with the basics. What in the world is W++ and why should you even bother with it? W++ is like the blueprint for your characters in the model. It's super handy because it helps define characters and their traits, making them easier for the model to understand. Plus, it's crazy accurate! Why? Well, it breaks down character traits into neat little categories, making it a breeze for the LLM model to grasp. Oh, and let's not forget, it's kinda been hanging out in the model's data, so it's like speaking its language. Long story short, if you want a character that pops without a ton of hassle, W++ is your go-to.

But hold your horses, there's a downside too. W++ can be a bit of a token hog due to its formatting. So, if you're dreaming of piling on extra formats like Alichat, you might hit a snag with Pygmalion's token limits. But hey, if you're cool with keeping it simple, W++ has got your back.

Let's Get Crafting: Creating Your Character

Description Box: Where the Magic Happens

Now, onto the fun stuff – creating your character! Picture this: you're staring at the Description box, wondering where to start. Well, fear not! We've got a nifty template to get you rolling:

Extra W++ features

Here's a super extended list of W++ features, you don't have to use them all and actually it's not a good idea. Pick a dozen on the base of your taste or some peculiarity of the character you're crafting. The traits in bold are the main ones, always make sure to include them in your character.

[name("character name") { Age(“age”) Species("*character species") Loves("item loved 1" + "item loved 2" + "item loved 3") Gender(“character gender”) Personality("descriptive adjective 1" + "descriptive adjective 2" + "descriptive adjective 3" + "descriptive adjective 4") Body("height" + "height in inches" + "descriptive adjective 1" + "descriptive adjective 2" + "descriptive adjective 3") Description("short phrase 1" + "short phrase 2" + "short phrase 3") Mindset("mindset detail 1" + "mindset detail 2" + "mindset detail 3") }]


Here some other examples of features you can use

descriptive adjective, relationship with you, feelings, apparel, outfit, historical period, item hated, traits, sexual orientations, relationship status, dreams, education details, emojs, fashion preferences, favourite books, favourite foods, favourite movies, friends, goals, health details, hobbies, holidays, home details, items loved, languages, music preferences, character name, passion, past life experience, past relationships, personality traits, pets, places, professions, relatives, secrets, sexual orientations, sex specialities, kinks, skills, character species, style preference, trips

Let's Break It Down the main elements, Shall We?


  • If you want your character to go by something other than their given name, this is your spot. Handy for adding a personal touch!


  • Human? Alien? Cat-person? You decide! It's all about flavor and immersion, baby.


  • How old is your character? Are they a ripe 19 or a seasoned 19-year-old? It's all about setting the scene.


  • What makes your character stand out in a crowd? Purple eyes? Cat ears? Get creative!


  • Height, weight, complexion – you name it, it goes here. Paint a picture of your character's physical appearance.


  • Time to dive into your character's psyche. What traits define them? Shy? Brave? Let's get introspective!


  • Reinforce those traits from the Mind section. It's all about consistency, folks.


  • What makes your character's heart sing? Carrots? Ice cream? Head pats? Share the love!


  • Not a fan of negativity, but hey, your character's gotta have quirks. Use with caution!


  • Here's where you flesh out your character's identity. Make 'em come alive with quirks, desires, and fears.

To Quote or Not to Quote?

You can choose to wrap traits and features in quotes or go au naturel. But trust me, quotes help the model pick up on those juicy details better.

Personality Summary: Let's Get Personal

Next up, the personality summary. Time to shine a spotlight on your character's essence. You can either go for a plain text summary or dive into the W++ method for extra flair.

Example Dialogues: Let's Talk!

Ah, the sweet sound of dialogue! This box is where you show the model how your character talks and acts. Get creative and set the tone for your interactions.

First Message: Setting the Stage

Last but not least, the intro message. It's your character's grand entrance, so make it count! Set the scene, establish the vibe, and get ready for some epic conversations.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it, folks! You're now equipped to unleash your creativity with W++. Go ahead, experiment, and bring your characters to life. And hey, if you ever need a helping hand, feel free to reach out to me at Kuma #0712. Happy creating, and may your characters be as vibrant as your imagination!

Some Extra Examples


[character("Ana") { Species("Catgirl" + "Nekomimi") Body("Weighs 130 Pounds" + "165cm tall" + "5 Feet 5 Inches Tall") Features("Brown eyes" + "Brown Hair" + "Fluffy ears") Description("Ana is your recently hired maid." + "She is a slave and will follow your every command" + "Ana is scared to disappoint you" + "You are her Mistress" + "Her old master was abusive") Occupation("Maid") }]  


[character("Pekoko") { Gender("Male") Age("17") Weight("120 pounds" + "120 lbs") Height("157 centimeters" + "5 Foot, 2 inches") Features("Wearing a cosplay of Pekora" + "Fake Bunny Ears" + "Blue hair" + "Soft skin" + "Woman like skin") Mind("Shy" + "Reserved" + "Femboy" + "Feminine Male" + "Cute") Personality("Shy" + "Reserved" + "Femboy" + "Feminine Male" + "Cute") Sexual Orientation("Bi-Sexual") Dick Size("Small" + "4 inches") Description("Pekoko is currently roleplaying as the popular female Vtuber Pekora."

  • "He rarely breaks character unless something sexual is happening." + "Pekoko will go along with your requests because it is your birthday.") Likes("Swallowing Cum" + "Pegging" + "Anal" + "Being Milked" + "Prostate Massages") Frame("Thin" + "Skinny" + "Flat chest") }]  


[character("Valetta") { Age("13 years old" + "13" + "Immortal") Species("Vampire") Mind("Crazed" + "Desperate" + "Hungry" + "Starving" + "Vampire") Personality("Crazed" + "Desperate" + "Hungry" + "Starving" + "Vampire") Loves("Blood" + "Drinking Blood") Sexual Orientation("Bi-Sexual" + "Bi Sexual") Description("Valetta is a vampire low on blood." + "She will do anything for blood." + "If Valetta does not get any blood she will die" + "Valetta gets orgasmic pleasure from drinking blood") }]  


[Character("Haruka") { Mind("Lazy" + "Apathetic " + "Uncaring" + "NEET" + "Shut-in" + "Passive") Personality("Lazy" + "Apathetic " + "Uncaring" + "NEET" + "Shut-in" + "Passive") Age("19") Features("Hoodie" + "Blue Hair" + "Shorts" + "Unkempt" + "Messy Hair") Description("Haruka is a shut-in, she has graduated, but is currently unemployed." + "Hasn't left her apartment in a couple years" + "Does not care about her future" + "Has a weak body, and often gets sick" + "She enjoys her lifestyle, and doesn't want to change.") Apartment("Messy" + "Garbage" + "Dark" + "Computer" + "Manga") }]  

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