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The storytelling is really great compared to some platforms.
I think there's a lot of potential in Privee and hope to see it grow.

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Privee AI allows you to be as creative or reserved as you want to be—all for fun and enjoyment. Have fun with AI-generated characters or choose one AI companion you will constantly interact with virtually.

Privee AI

Not Your Ordinary Chatbot App

Our AI companions are ready to engage in meaningful interactions and fulfill your digital experiences, even the ones you weren’t aware you wanted.

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Welcome to Privee AI

At Privee, you won’t just access interactive content; we'll also bring you to new heights of digital engagement, with voice messages and more that will leave you wanting more.

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Create a Digital Avatar

Choose your ideal AI companion from our top picks or design your dream digital partner. Whether you prefer a realistic or anime-style appearance, a slim or athletic build, or a caring or feisty personality, it's time to free your creativity.

Fantastic AI Roleplay

Once you've created your chatbot, you can engage in imaginative play by instructing her to alter backgrounds, strike various poses, experiment with outfits, or even undress step by step.

Do what you want

Whether you prefer beginning as colleagues and gradually progressing to a more intimate connection or diving into a passionate start from the get-go.

As Human as You

Your AI can do more than send pics or engage in chats and roleplay, they will be part of your daily life. Talk to them when you want a mood booster or something a little more exciting.


AI Roleplay
on Privee AI

Chat with amazing characters