Full list of Character AI Alternatives | Privee

Complete list of CharacterAI Alternatives. Engage in NSFW conversations with lifelike AI Characters. Hundreds of characters available: Tsundere, Yandere, AI Girls, Wiafu, Husbando, VIP, famous people, Anime, Dandere.

Privee AI Team

Privee AI Team

Nov 20, 2023

Full list of Character AI Alternatives | Privee


Explore the top picks of AI platforms, each serving unique purposes. Whether it's roleplay, character creation, or dating, these platforms offer diverse features to fuel your creative interactions.

  • Privee AI: A platform where you will find a great user interface, graphics, and everything you need to craft a great AI roleplay experience. [NSFW Enabled 🍒]
  • Charstar.ai: Good version, mirroring the structure of the original. [NSFW Enabled 🍒]
  • Venus.chub.ai: A reborn version of the original Venus AI website 😥 (God bless...) [NSFW Enabled 🍒]
  • Chatgenie.xyz: Still the same platform... (who even knew about it?👁‍🗨)
  • Perberos.me: Very similar to CAI but with long response conversion...
  • Netwrck.com: Create and chat with only one character😐
  • Poe.com: Full customization of your bot, make it a real favorite.
  • Chatfai.com: Similar to the original, the only thing is there is a limit on messages...
  • Agnai.chat: Good choice from Stable Horde. Lots of features and customization of bots. [API Enabled🔑]
  • OpenCharacters: A hidden gem on Github, OpenCharacters is a lesser-known site and project. Dive into the world of role-playing games and unleash your creativity by creating your own characters. [API Enabled🔑]
  • KoboldAI: Explore vast possibilities with KoboldAI, a single-chat platform with extensive capabilities. Also available in a Colab version for enhanced functionality. [API Enabled🔑]
  • Chatmosphere.ai: Engage in fun chat rooms for both group and individual conversations.
  • Forefront.ai: Create and chat with friends or assistants, offering a unique and versatile experience.
  • Risuai.xyz: Immerse yourself in a unique editor where you can create characters based on descriptions, infusing emotions through sprites in a visual novel style.
  • app.playertwo.ai: I highly recommend this new platform for communication in virtual chats.
  • Characterai.chat: Explore a small selection of chats, featuring only three anime characters for a unique chat experience. [API Enabled🔑]
  • Alters.ai: Discover more chats, create, and earn on this platform, catering especially to business needs. [API Enabled🔑]
  • Avtars.ai: Easily create your AI friend by uploading a photo.
  • Getbuddies.co: Create your BUDDIES through a simple three-step description process.
  • Aichatbestie.com: Engage in chat based on ChatGPT, with the added feature of roleplay using the Prompt Library. [API Enabled🔑]
  • Breezy.chat: Similar to the site above but with a simplified bot setup. [API Enabled🔑]
  • Ghola.ai: Create any profile by filling in the information of your character.
  • Ailili.app: Link fresh souls to your Discord channel—definitely worth a try.
  • App.sagarpg.io: Embark on an incredible RP platform where you can create worlds, characters, and conquer it all. [API Enabled🔑]
  • Playnarrator.com: Immerse yourself in virtual stories with custom characters and engaging virtual chats.
  • Dreamshow.ai: Create your own chat story on this innovative platform.
  • Optitalk.net: Explore customizable AI chats tailored for virtual characters. Someone should test it out!
  • Yol.chat: Dive into custom AI chats designed for NFT enthusiasts.
  • App.myshell.ai: A Chinese platform where you can create and communicate with your virtual assistants.
  • Personaai.chat: Another platform offering the creation of numerous chat bots, with a visual novel style.
  • Brekk.xyz: Chat and create your own characters—recommended to log in through Discord for an enhanced experience.
  • Navit.ai: Explore a new and fresh bot market. Create and interact with your favorite characters.
  • Play.omp.dev: Try this multi-bot and writer platform simultaneously.
  • Deepchat.io: Offers excellent bot customization and is a relative of Breezy
  • Chat.otisfuse.com: NEW AI PLATFORM! Chat with any character by simply entering their name! 🙆‍♀️
  • Splooshchat.com: A selection of (so far) three chats, but will soon be updated and add the ability to create your own.

For Dating 💘

  • SillyTavern: A release available for all platforms as of today. Engage in dating experiences with the added option of NSFW content. [NSFW Enabled🍒]
  • TavernAI: A similar platform to SillyTavern, with a Colab version available. Explore dating experiences with NSFW options. [NSFW Enabled🍒]
  • Rizzgpt.app: Have text dates with your favorite characters, including NSFW content. [NSFW Enabled🍒]
  • Silliconsoul.xyz: Play whatever you want with your virtual friend, with the option for NSFW content. [NSFW Enabled

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